Self-Contained Warning System Senses Robotic Movement

The Intel Model E 84 Interceptor is a self-contained warning system that provides audible and visual alerts when monitored robotic movement takes place. It is designed to be installed in an area where a tool operator is in close enough proximity to a robotís movements to present a danger to the operator. 

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The Model E 84 Interceptor consists of three parts designated as the Main Unit, the Load Port and the Alarm Box. 

The Main Unit reacts to an alarm condition sensed in the Load Port by activating a voice playback circuit to playback a previously recorded alarm message. This alarm condition also triggers the system Alarm LED in the Alarm Box to flash on and off at a one-second rate.

The Load Port is designed to interface with an E 84 I/R Tx/Rx Communications Box. The Load Port senses an alarm condition that is produced when robotic movement occurs at a monitored tool location. The Load Port produces a logic level which is transmitted to the Main Unit for processing. Each tool requires a minimum of one and a maximum of four Load Port assemblies.

The Alarm Box contains a speaker and the system Alarm LED. During an alarm condition, a recorded warning message is played through the speaker while the system Alarm LED flashes on and off at a rate of once per second.

When the robot goes back to its original position, the alarm condition is removed and all sections revert back to their alarm-free state (no audible or visual alerts).


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