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Telebyte offers a wide range of data communications products and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the items you need. This help page will provide you with definitions of our product categories and give you an overview on using our convenient Product Finder. If you still don't find what you need, to speak to a sales representative.

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DIN Rail Mountable products: Telebyte's reasonably priced DIN Rail system allows you to mount any of our products (and other manufacturers' products) quickly and easily, side-by-side on a DIN Rail, helping to organize your data communications devices in an efficient way when space is at a premium. Our family of DIN Rail Mounted products includes surge suppressors, short haul modems/line drivers, fiber optic line drivers, interface converters, fiber optic transceivers, isolators, media converters and more. You'll find a wide range of features including RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 interfaces, 2 and 4 wire units as well as optical isolation.

Fiber Optic Products: Our Fiber Optic products include a wide array of models that improve data transmission through the advanced characteristics of fiber optic cable such as low attenuation and immunity to noise, interference, power surges and ground loops. Everything from basic fiber optic cables, to transceivers, multiplexers, converters, and line drivers are covered within this family. We offer a product line that ranges from 10Base-T to Fiber Converters, to RS-232 and RS-422 to Fiber Optic Line Drivers, to T1/E1 Fiber Optic Line Drivers. Features include RS-485 to Multimode, single mode to multimode as well as card mounted and DIN rail mounted units.

Isolation Products: Our Isolation product line uses Opto Isolators to provide protection from ground loops, high voltage and noise. Isolation is an important consideration if a system uses different power sources, has noisy signals or must operate at different ground potentials. Check out our interface converters, isolated line drivers, optically isolated link extenders and more.

Lightning/Surge Protectors: High-voltage transients (power surges) caused by lightning or other electrical disturbances have the ability to cause serious damage to equipment and valuable data. Telebyte's line of Lightning/Surge Protectors includes products designed to accommodate these transients, slow them down and redirect them to a low impedance path-to-earth ground. Check out our Lightning Sponges for line drivers/modems and telephone lines, Ethernet surge suppression cards and more! Interfaces for RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485.

Media Converters: Our Media Converters allow you to extend the range of your Ethernet LAN. 10Base-T/100Base-T Ethernet signals are converted for transmission over fiber optic cables. The fiber optic cables extend the distance to the LAN node and are converted back to Ethernet at the terminal node. These products allow for conversion to both multimode and single mode fiber optic transmission. 

Multiplexers: Telebyte’s Multiplexers employ techniques that allow a number of simultaneous transmissions over a single circuit. Many can be used to interface between two signal types such as RS-232 and RS-422. Telebyte Multiplexers include RS-232 to RS-422 full-duplex interface converters, RS-232 to current-loop converters, V.35 line driver eliminators and more. Features include four and eight-port for copper, fiber optics and port sharing.

Protocol Analyzer: A Protocol Analyzer is used to monitor activity on a data line. Our small, portable units work with all PCs via  enhanced parallel port. Features include built-in BERT testers, split screen decoding of X.25 and SDLC, as well as programmable interfaces. These powerful and flexible units will monitor and emulate X.25, ASYNC and BISYNC protocols. Units are supplied with convenient padded carrying cases.

Short Haul Modems/Line Drivers: Telebyte offers a large family of Short Haul Modems/Line Drivers using protocols that include ASYNC, SYNC, HDSL and T1/E1. Choose from wire or fiber, full duplex and handshake, and an assortment of speeds. Our versatile product line offers LCD displays, built-in surge protection, and DTE/DCE switches. Features include DIN Rail mounting, optical isolation, external powering, power stealing, as well as RS-232 and RS 422 interfaces.

T1/E1 Products: A T1 line is a 1.544 Mbps point-to-point dedicated, digital circuit provided by the telephone companies while E1 is the European counterpart to the T1 line. Telebyte offers high-quality fiber optic modems capable of transmitting at the T1/E1 rate. Our HDSL modem transmits synchronous data over distances greater than 12,000 feet with an exceptionally high degree of data reliability. The T1/E1 fiber optic modems provide an extremely reliable, high-performance alternative for extending T1 or E1 circuits over fiber cables. The series also includes both multimode and single mode versions where advanced silicon circuits provide comprehensive error checking and diagnostics.